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Hi! Thanks for the below update.
I would like to appreciate your services here , for constantly following up and giving the update for the openings. I have interacted with other consultancy's , but I would like to mention , that you indeed give a constant focus for individual candidates & follow-up’s.

Highly appreciate your work in this regards.

Once again thanks for your time and patience,its been nice talking to you and i have spoken to many consultancies, the way you respond, following up with me for the venue and updates ITS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for your time and support! I got an offer letter from HCL.
Thanks for all your help. You were outstanding during the entire process with fantastic coordination.
I have joined HCl recently in which ANRI played a pivotal role; I must say I am very impressed with your team member. She has been a fantastic professional in how she has handled the entire process. Few observations are very good at profile mapping. Very objective. Evaluates situation very minutely. Proactive. Empathetic towards situation.
I absolutely endorse her and wish her all the good luck.
The SPOC gave me relevant information about my role for the job.
Great Follow up.
I could not get through the interview. Yet the SPOC called me and gave the relevant feedback which I am sure would be good for my future interviews.
They are responsive, resourceful, appropriately persistent and provide professional, added value coaching for their selected candidates.