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Fraud Alert

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ANRI Solutions HR Services PVT.Ltd. is one of the most recognized and admired placement services in Delhi NCR. Occasionally, fraudsters take advantage of our reputation by using our name or services to target your personal and sensitive professional information. By creating tempting downloads and attractive websites, fraudsters can lure you to links that prompt you to enter sensitive information..While ANRI Solutions HR Services PVT.Ltd. is not liable for the actions of third parties, we are working to prevent and detect fraud where possible.

While ANRI Solutions HR Services PVT.Ltd does what it can to minimise the risk of fraud, you should realise that you are the first line of defence in protecting yourself.
Never respond to or act upon e-mails, or select Web links from any unknown source that requires you to provide, update, or verify your confidential information.
Be wary of any suspicious e-mails or phone calls asking for you to validate your CV information.

Being aware and protecting your sensitive information is the best way to avoid fraud.
If you have information that you believe could help us in preventing or detecting fraudulent activity, we want to hear about it at